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Corodex Electromechanic is the regional leader in providing the best of engineering services. In partnership with the renowned Bilfinger Water Technologies, Corodex Electromechanic provides world-class MEP services of vacuum sewerage and water transmission systems.

One of the most prestigious projects that Corodex executed was to design, supply, install, commission and operate the Vacuum Sewerage System for one of the 8th Wonders of the World, The Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, UAE.

Being in this field and having executed number of related projects give us a leading edge and distinctive identity of a market leader in engineering and electromechanical works. Corodex Electromechanic has the expertise together with Bilfinger, well-experienced project management team and fully operational projects as our reference.

Importantly, Corodex Electromechanic is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. We are committed to providing best electromechanical services to our customers with utmost care and protection to the environment and to the health and occupational safety of our employees.



Vacuum sewerage systems are wastewater collection systems.
An air stream generated by differential air pressure drives the wastewater toward a vacuum station.

Vacuum sewer systems are…

• Collection Systems for domestic waste water.
• Easy to install systems for waste water within low and medium dense residential, industrial, commercial or mixed use areas
• State of technology, eco-friendly, safe and operator friendly systems (DWA-A 116-1, EN1091, WEF, EPA)
• Alternatives for conventional gravity sewer systems under difficult conditions

Vacuum sewer systems are NOT…

• Transportation system for waste water (pumping station replacement).
• Main collectors for large sewer systems.


• Flat terrain und lack of natural slope
• Little flows and long distances within expanded municipalities with seasonal flows within resorts
• High ground water tables
• Unstable underground (Rocky, sandy or swampy)
• Ecologically sensitive areas
• Existing infrastructure, limited construction space

Example of Applications…

• Low dense residential, industrial, commercial or mixed used developments
• Holiday resorts with villas and bungalows and/or seasonal flows
• Marinas, corniche promenades and harbours
• Rehabilitation of existing sewer systems
• Installation of sewer systems within existing developments.
• Natural or artificial Islands, reclaimed land
• Flood areas or areas exposed to sea and river tides


A vacuum sewer system consists of:

Vacuum Station

Where the vacuum is generated, the wastewater is collected, then pumped to a wastewater treatment facility.

Vacuum Pipeline System

Typically consisting of a branched network of vacuum sewer pipe.

Collection Chambers

Collection chambers with sumps and interface valve units.


Wastewater flows by gravity from a house/villa into a collection chamber’s sump.
After a given quantity (batch) of wastewater accumulates in the sump, an inter-face valve automatically opens. The batch volume plus an additional volume of air flows through the open valve and is transported to a centralized vacuum station. Vacuum sewer pipes are arranged with high and low points in a specific elevation profile.
Batches of wastewater come to rest at low points in the pipe. When air is introduced through an upstream interface valve, the wastewater is pushed plug-wise over subsequent high points toward the vacuum station.
Wastewater and air are driven to a collection tank (vacuum tank) at the vacuum station. Vacuum generators (vacuum pumps) maintain vacuum in the tank and sewer pipe.
Conventional sewage pumps forward collected waste-water from the collection tank through a force main to wastewater treatment plant.

Palm Jumeirah Project

Location: Palm Jumeirah – Dubai, UAE.
Scope Of Work: Design, engineering installation and commissioning of vacuum sewerage network for the Palm Jumeirah Island.
Description: The vacuum sewerage system supplied by Roediger Vacuum Gmbh, supported more than 2,000 villas, having 900 collection chambers and 40 km of vacuum sewer line connected to a central Roevac vacuum station, which is installed underground in the utilities building on Palm Jumeirah. The vacuum station for the Palm Jumeirah Development, with a capacity to connect 23,000 persons, is the largest single vacuum station in the world. The design of the vacuum sewerage system conforms to European Standards EN 1091 and the design guidelines of the German Wastewater Association.
Client: Nakheel.

Al Raha Garden

Location: Al Raha Garden – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Scope Of Work: Scope of work includes designing, engineering, installation and commissioning of vacuum sewerage system for Al Raha Garden.
Description: TThe system supports 750 villas (4,000 PE) and has 171 vacuum valves and 6 km vacuum lines to 1 vacuum station in this distinguished community development. A traditional gravity system of the same size would have required 1 & ½ years, while vacuum sewerage system was completed in 5 months.
Client: Al Dar.

Durrat Al Bahrain Resort

Location: Manama- Bahrain.
Scope Of Work: Roediger supplied the vacuum sewerage system components for Durrat Al Bahrain Resort in Bahrain.
Description: The vacuum system supports 1,600 villas of an approximate population of 10,500 within 11 islands. It has 440 vacuum chambers with 3 inch-valves and 28 km vacuum lines to 3 vacuum stations.
Client: Durrat Khaleek Al Bahrain Co. DSC.

Umm Al Quwain Marina

Location: Umm Al Quwain , UAE.
Description: Approx. 5 km vacuum pipe network 277 Villas
Approx. 50 vacuum collection chambers
Finished in less than 6 months complete design-build 1 Vacuum Station
20m³ vessel
3 x 11 KW vacuum pumps
2 x 4.7 KW discharge pumps
Client: Emaar Properties.

Qatalum Aluminium Plant

Description: SNC Lavalin, Canada
5.5 km pipe network
63 vacuum collection chambers
1 Vacuum Station
20m³ vessel
6 x 5.5 KW vacuum pumps
2 x 13.5 KW discharge pumps
Client: Qatalum (JV Qatar Petroleum + Hydro).

Lusail City, Phase 1, Qatar

Location: Qatar
Description: Commercial buildings, restaurants, community retail, dining outlets, promenade facilities, mosque etc.
1 centrally located, underground Vacuum Station
46 fully flood proof and heavy duty Vacuum Z-type Collection Chambers
approx. 1.7 km of vacuum main lines
Odor Control Unit – activated carbon filter
Client: Qatari Diar.

Occidental Camp Mukhaizna, Oman

Location: Oman
Description: Camp for 5.000 staff
app. 7 km vacuum lines
127 vacuum collection chambers
1 Vacuum Station
One of the hottest and most unfriendly climate conditions world wide

Oman A’Seeb Wastewater Project, Sultanate of Oman

Location: Sultanate of Oman
Approx. 100.000 PE
5 Vacuum stations
2.000 vacuum collection chambers
3,5 years construction time
Very narrow streets and old town areas
Replacement of existing septic tanks
Connecting new developments


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