River Pure

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Corodex River Pure packaged units are designed and constructed to achieve purified water with quality that meets or exceeds WHO standards from turbid and salty raw river water. The units are characterized by simplicity of operation and low maintenance cost. The treated water quality is monitored via pH and TDS meters, and the plant operation can be totally automated via a PLC based control panel. Tanks and frames are constructed from epoxy coated steel with 304 SS available as optional material.

Features and specifications of Corodex River Pure systems:

Corodex River Pure systems are compact, mobile and easy to operate. They incorporate any combination of the following:

  • Coagulation and flocculation system for efficient precipitation
  • Clarification system with lamella tube or plate settlers for maximization of settling area and reducing foot print
  • Automatic (3 cycle) multimedia sand filtration system (NSF approved high performance FRP tanks) with automatic air scour aided backwash where needed
  • Micron cartridge or bag filtration systems for removal of fine suspended solids
  • Chlorine injection system with residual chlorine detection for water disinfection
  • Skid (MS epoxy coated, NACE certified for maximum corrosion resistance)
  • Automatic sludge disposal system
  • Eyewash station for safety